Participant Schools

We, as partners, appreciate all students who participated in the Texas Character Education Poster Contest 2020. We received poster entries from 55 school districts and 102 schools. In our very first year, we marked this as an outstanding accomplishment. We congratulate every individual on being a part of this great legacy. The participant Schools are as follows

1 Academy of Accelerated Learning Inc.
2 Adrian Independent School District
3 Alamo Heights High School
4 Alamo Heights Junior School 
5 Americas High School
6 Bellfort ECC
7 Berta Cabaza Middle School
8 Big Spring Intermediate School
9 Boerne Midlle School North
10 Bonham Elementary
11 Borger Intermediate School
12 Borman Elementary
13 Brooks Oaks Academy
14 Canterbury Elementary School
15 Clements High School
16 Columbus Jr. High
17 Cypress Springs HS
18 DeBakey High School for Health Professions
19 Dillingham Intermediate School
20 Dr. Raul Garza  Jr. STEAM Academy
21 Dr. Ruben Gallegos Elementary School 
22 Driscoll ISD
23 Dulles Elementary 
24 Early College High School
25 Ed Downs Fine Arts Academy
26 Ellis Elementary
27 Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary
28 Fort Settlement Middle School
29 Frank Roberts Elementary School
30 Freer High School 
31 Freer Junior High School 
32 Frenship Ninth Grade Center
33 Frost Elementary School
34 Gerald Sonntag Elementary 
35 Glen Rose Junior High School
36 Gloria Hicks Elementary School 
37 Gulledge elementary school
38 Harmony School of Innovation – Houston
39 Harmony science  Academy  Euless
40 Hendrickson Highschool
41 Herff Elementary
42 Huffman Middle School
43 I.S. Roger Elementary School
44 Imagine International Academy of North Texas  Mckinney
45 Imagine International Acemdy of North Texas
46 Ingleside Primary School
47 Inspired Vision Secondary School
48 International Leadership of Texas
49 International Leadership of Texas Lancaster
50 International Leadership of Texas Orem Campus
51 International Leadership of Texas Windmill Lakes
52 James Pace Early College High School
53 John F. Tounley Elementary
54 Judge Oscar De La Fuente Elementary
55 Kaufer Early College High School
56 Kelly Elementary
57 Kenneth J. Tice Elementary
58 Lamar Elementary
59 Leon Taylor Junior High School
60 Liberty Middle School 
61 Lillian Elementary
62 Lujan Chavez Elementary School
63 Lyford Middle School
64 M. Rivas School of the Arts 
65 M.L Wisdom High School
66 Mambrino Elementary School
67 McAdams Jr. High
68 McReynold’s Middle School
69 Metro Elementary
70 Metropolitan Elementary School of Design
71 Midway Middle School 
72 Mineral Wells Junior High
73 Montgomery High School
74 Mooneyham Elementary School
75 North Shore Middle School
76 Nottingham Country Elementary School  Katy
77 Park Crest Middle School
78 Patterson Elementary School
79 Pottsboro High School
80 Rio Hondo Elementary
81 Rio Hondo high school
82 Riverside Middle School 
83 Robert E. Lee Intermediate School
84 Ryan High School
85 RYSS Early College High School
86 Savannah Heights Intermediate School
87 School of Science and Technology 
88 School of Science and Technology- Advancement
89 School of Science and Technology- Discovery
90 School of Science and Technology- Houston
91 School of Science and Technology- Sugarland
92 Sgt. Jose F Carrasco Elementary School
93 Sgt. Roberto Ituarte Elementary School 
94 Sherman High School
95 Socorro High School
96 Stafford Elementary School 
97 Sweeny High School
98 Thomas Arnold Elementary
99 Triumph Public High Schools Campus McAllen. 
100 Valley View North Elementary
101 Van Raub Elementary School
102 Vanguard Academy Picasso Elementary
103 Vanguard Academy Rembrandt
104 Veterans Memorial Academy
105 Walker Station Elementary School 
106 Walzem Academy RISE
107 Westbury Highschool
108 Wilson Elementary 
109 Woodrow Wilson Elementary
110 Zwink Elementary